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第一次獲邀為韓國Hoban Artrium藝術館設展覽,以Paradise of Messy Desk為主題,打做出黑白格調的藝術空間。參觀者可以發揮創意,為展區牆身和地下的Messy Desk 圖案上色,和我一起成為藝術家✨。希望疫情快些紓緩,讓我可以親自到韓國藝術館走走呢。


Paradise of Messy Desk is now on stage @ Hoban Artrium. An art space which is, from floor to sky, covered by messy desk pattern in black and white theme. Visitors are welcomed to use their creativity to color some of the graphics and be an artist like Messy Desk. Hope I can be there soon when virus is under control.



Paradise of Messy Desk @Hoban Artrium

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